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Jeremy Glaser

Jeremy Glaser is the Markets Editor for


Premature disappointment over the prospect of Vanda's sole drug has left investors with a compelling opportunity says Morningstar Opportunistic Investor's Stephen Ellis.

Probably in the first quarter, we're going to see the first major round of dividend increases from the country's big banks that have returned to profitability, says Morningstar's Josh Peters.

Though its current deflation-fighting actions are valuable, charting a successful exit plan will be difficult, says former Fed governor and economics professor Randy Kroszner.

After years of defensive moves, GE is beginning to invest in growth and return more cash to shareholders, says Morningstar's Daniel Holland.

Morningstar's Larry Witt thinks that despite attempts to diversify revenue streams, Google's revenue growth will slow considerably as comparisons to past quarters become more difficult.

The bonds of this boring, but consistently profitable company have a near-term upside catalyst, says Morningstar analyst Dan Rohr.