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Andrew Gogerty

Andy Gogerty is an ETF managed portfolio strategist for Morningstar.


Given that markets are operating in uncharted territory today, allocating to asset classes that probably weren't traditionally found in retirement portfolios may be appropriate, says Windham Capital Management CIO Lucas Turton.

With lower expected equity returns for the remainder of the year but the thirst for yield still prevalent, investors should consider dollar-cost averaging in and out of positions, says Sage Advisory's Anthony Parish.

Dr. Gerald Buetow of Innealta Capital details the flexibility ETF managed portfolios have in taking on multiple investment styles and also says ETFs could wipe out a lot of mutual funds.

JAForlines Global's John Forlines III discusses his firm's strategy, the correlations and emerging trends in global credit markets, and the impact of behavioral finance in ETF managed portfolios.

Windhaven's Eric Biegeleisen discusses his firm's broad approach to ETF selection and its focus on the tracking, trading, and structural aspects of such funds.

Certain international real estate markets are offering very strong fundamentals and long-term growth prospects at better pricing than the U.S. and U.K. real estate markets, says Third Avenue's Jason Wolf.

WHG Income's Mark Freeman on what happens to government debt, Treasuries, and agencies when the Fed's asset-purchase program ends and possible sales begin.

ICAP's Jerry Senser says the dollar should remain a reserve currency for a long period of time, but the government will need to show budget responsibility.

Jerry Senser says Mainstay ICAP International has increased exposure in sectors that would have some sensitivity to a pickup in economic activity and sees opportunity in Japan.