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Jason Stipp

Jason Stipp is director of Morningstar's individual investor products.


Fed fixation, slow growth, dollar dilemmas, and overheated markets topped the list of key topics in our opening conference panel, featuring Morningstar's Bob Johnson, Susan Schmidt of Mesirow Financial, and Northern Trust's Carl Tannenbaum.

Greece uncertainty, a slowing China, a stronger dollar, and other issues could extend the first quarter's bumpy ride. Plus, consumer spending fizzles and Monsanto weathers through.

Morningstar's Christine Benz recommends these tried-and-true value-leaning stock funds, still-open foreign-stock favorites, and TIPS funds for investors who want to tilt against the grain.

Persistent performance problems across market cycles, management or strategy changes, or your own personal situation may necessitate a sale, says Morningstar's Christine Benz.

Earnings reports this week showed how Netflix, IBM, Microsoft, and eBay are thinking about their futures. Plus: Europe's QE is no cure-all.

Expectations are very low for fourth-quarter earnings, but a good part of the pessimism is likely already baked in to stock prices, says markets editor Jeremy Glaser.

Oil's continued swoon and worries over Greece have knocked stocks down a notch in 2015, but aside from the undervalued energy sector (which has its own risks), the market overall is neither a screaming buy or sell at current levels.