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Astor Parent Rating


Astor has some investor-friendly attributes, but other attributes warrant caution, leading to an Average Parent Pillar rating.

Longevity at the firm has been impressive. Its five-year risk-adjusted success ratio is 83%, meaning that 83% of the products have both survived and beaten their respective category median on a risk-adjusted basis. A high success ratio indicates good performance and provides insight into a firm’s discipline around investment strategy and product development. Manager turnover at Astor over the past five years has been higher than at peer asset management firms, potentially a signal that company culture is a bit unstable. Lofty fees for the firm's open-end and exchange-traded funds are a weakness, contributing negatively to Astor's rating and creating a larger performance hurdle. The firm's fund fees, on average, fall within the second most-expensive quintile of similarly distributed strategies.

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