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We Need to Do Better at Predicting the End (of Retirement)

It takes more than a sense of the average length of retirement.

Let’s be honest. No one really wants to talk about the “end” of retirement, because the end of retirement means the end of, well, us. However, bleak as it may be, thinking about how long retirement will last and metrics like life expectancy after retirement are critical when it comes to financial planning and making it our goal to ensure people can enjoy their life and retirement to the fullest. So, “the end” of retirement is something we should do our best to measure as accurately as possible.

That’s why I decided to take a deeper dive into some key concepts and issues relating to the retirement period decision-making process and reported my findings in a recent white paper: Estimating ‘The End’ of Retirement. This article summarizes a few key points from the research, but I’d recommend reading the full paper if you want the entire scoop.