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Weekly Wrap: Our Take on Stocks, Funds, Bonds, and More

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor's note: Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

Editor's Picks
3 Stocks That Have Lost Their Appeal
Our analysts are less enthusiastic about these stocks today.

The Best Foreign-Stock Funds
These international mutual funds and ETFs all earn Morningstar Analyst Ratings of Gold.

Flowmageddon: It Time Yet?
Is the spike in outflows just a spike or the start of something big?

What Are the Right Bonds for Retirees Today?
It depends on your expectations and time frame.

Maybe There’s Something to the Shiller CAPE Ratio, After All
New research rehabilitates an old measure.

Quarterly Market Insights: Our Analysis in 5 Charts
Morningstar's second-quarter 2020 market commentary covers the yield curve, trends in U.S. investments abroad, and more.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz
How Do Flexible Retirement Withdrawals Work in Practice?
Financial planner and retirement researcher Jonathan Guyton explains how to implement spending rules that fluctuate with the market--but not too much.

Understanding the 4 Key Annuities Types
Annuities can offer valuable protection against outliving your assets, but they can also be high-cost and complicated. We dig into some pluses and minuses.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
Diversify, but Not Too Much
Why adding more asset classes isn't always helpful.

Getting Strategic About Strategic-Beta Funds
The informed investor can use strategic-beta funds to their advantage.

Active Non-Transparent ETFs: What Are They Good For?
Assessing the benefits and drawbacks of this novel fund type.

3 ESG Funds Graduate to Full Coverage from Morningstar’s Prospects List
These are the ESG funds our analysts think are worth watching.

Why We've Downgraded This Popular Fund
Succession plans are on the horizon at T. Rowe Price Blue Chip Growth.

What Role Should Treasuries Play in a Portfolio?
And here's one fund we really like.

This Medalist ETF Takes a Low-Risk Approach to the Global Market
A smoother ride is possible.

Despite Falling Brick-and-Mortar Sales, Mall REITs' Cash Flows Should Stay Positive
Mall closures shifted sales online in the second quarter, but we expect shoppers and positive cash flow will quickly return.

3 Undervalued Dividend Payers
These utilities boast sizable yields and are undervalued.

Beware the Hype on Gold
It looks good this year, but its longer-term track record is mixed.

Who’s Growing Dividends in Today’s Market?
Morningstar indexes spotlight rising equity income streams.

Innovation Supports Growth at Big Pharma/Big Biotech Companies
Moats and returns on invested capital look stable for companies with a solid list of pipeline drugs.

Stock Analyst Updates
Tesla Posts a Profit Which May Lead to S&P500 Inclusion
Tesla reported profitable second-quarter GAAP results, and adjusted diluted EPS of $2.18 rose significantly from the prior year’s quarterly loss of $1.12. 

Drug Pricing Executive Orders Not Likely to Affect FVEs
We don’t expect these actions by President Trump to significantly affect our fair value estimates or moat ratings due to limited details, challenging implementation, and only minor impacts.

Pfizer Posts Slightly Better-Than-Expected Q2
We don’t expect any significant fair value estimate changes for this wide-moat company based on the minor outperformance.

Drive-Thrus Offer McDonald's Advantages
Despite industry uncertainty, we are maintaining our fair value estimate for the wide-moat company.

3M Had Sluggish Q2; We Lower FVE Slightly
After reviewing wide-moat-rated 3M’s latest second-quarter 2020 results, we slightly lower our fair value estimate by about 2% to $166 per share (from $170 previously).

Strong Flows and Market Gains Lift T. Rowe Price's AUM
The firm closed out the June quarter with a record $1.22 trillion in managed assets.

We Expect Fed Rates to Remain at Zero For Years
The Federal Open Market Committee maintains rates at zero, and our current rate forecasts within our bank models remain.

P&G Continues to Clean Up in Q2; Valuation No Bargain
We think the company has the wherewithal to withstand impending pressures.

Apple’s Mac and iPad Sales Bolstered by Work-From-Home
CEO Tim Cook noted weak sales in April were offset by better-than-expected demand in May and June led by the cheaper iPhone SE launch.

Rekenthaler Report
Whither Vanguard’s Active U.S. Equity Funds?
Their future is becoming decidedly uncertain.

Advisor Insights
How to Advise 'Open' Investors
Contributor Michael Pompian offers ideas for working with this personality type.

The Long View
Ben Inker: 'The Portfolio We're Running Today Is Abnormal Even for Us'
GMO’s head of asset allocation discusses value’s underperformance, why a 60/40 portfolio is apt to be a losing proposition after inflation, and what the market is missing about emerging-markets value.

Sustainability Matters
Sustainable Funds Continue to Rake in Assets During the Second Quarter
ESG fund flows have already nearly matched last year's record.

3 Areas Where Shareholder Resolutions Can Advocate for Systemic Change
A look at how shareholders pursued racial justice in the 2020 proxy season and what we expect in 2021.

How to Invest In Your 401(k)
Starting a new job? Here's a beginner's manual to understanding 401(k)s.

The Labor Department Wants to Take Away Access to ESG Investments in 401(k) Plans
What we said in our comment letter on the new rule.

Intelligent Indexer: Walking the Reconstitution Tightrope During the Market Meltdown
The timing of the coronavirus outbreak posed unprecedented challenges for index providers. Here's how Morningstar navigated the turmoil.

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Fidelity 500 Index

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Invesco QQQ Trust
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