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Why We Nominated These 3 Bond Fund Managers

Learn what we look for in our annual awards.

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Susan Dzubinski: Hi, I'm Susan Dzubinski with Morningstar recently awarded its 2020 Awards for Investing Excellence. Today, we're looking at three bond funds run by managers who were nominated this year.

Brian Moriarty: Metropolitan West Total Return Bond Fund is a great fund for investors because it really exemplifies what a core-plus fund is capable of. The fund is managed by some of the most experienced and skilled managers in the industry: Tad Rivelle, Steve Kane, Laird Landmann, and Bryan Whalen. This team was recently nominated for a Morningstar Investing Excellence Award and previously won Morningstar Fund Manager of the Year Award in 2005. What makes this team stand out is their commitment to value investing principles, specifically their willingness to buy discounted bonds and sell pricier ones, even if this makes the short-term performance look different from peers. Many competitors use a similar approach, but it's elevated here by both the managers' experience and their commitment to it, as well as the impressive supporting research capabilities at the firm.

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