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A Quick Look at Amazon

Amazon's variety seems scattershot, but has a strategy behind it.

Narrator: While you're watching this video, you very well could have a package from Amazon (AMZN) waiting on your doorstep. You might even be able to check using your Ring home security system, which is an Amazon company. Maybe you're even watching this video while in line at another Amazon company, Whole Foods. Amazon is a massive company with many services, but does size alone make for a good investment? 

Quick history: Founded by entrepreneur, Jeff Bezos, in 1994 in what is a humble albeit familiar story for startups, Amazon started out of a garage. The original name for Amazon was Cadabra, but Bezos changed it to Amazon after somebody misheard it as "cadaver," which--good call, Amazon is much more clear. Anyway, after noticing that web traffic was growing at 2300% a year, Bezos wanted to build a virtual bookstore with millions of books, something that couldn't exist in the physical world. It worked.