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Weekly Wrap: How the Finance Industry Can Commit to Change

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor's note: Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

Editor's Picks
15 Companies Committed to Change
These companies achieve high Minority Empowerment Scores because they have demonstrated a strong commitment to diversity and inclusion.

What Can You Do to Support Under-Represented People in Finance?
The network gap makes it harder for people without connections to break into the finance industry. Here's how we can start to bridge this gap.

How to Improve Retirement Plans for Teachers and Other Public Servants
One simple fix to bring down investment costs.

A Compelling Approach to ESG Investing
This ETF focuses on financially material ESG risks and opportunities.

10 Cheap Innovative Stocks
These names from the Morningstar Exponential Technologies Index are trading at 4- and 5-star levels.

Small Value Stocks: Peril and Opportunity
Their fates lie at the heart of today's economic debate.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz
Is It Time to Rebalance?
Hands-off investors are apt to find that it's time to rebalance not just to bonds from stocks but also to value from growth and to non-U.S from U.S.

Should You Increase Your Stock Exposure?
How to approach your allocations when the stock market is a ping-pong ball.

5 Ways Rebalancing Can Benefit Your Retirement Plan
The virtues of rebalancing are greater when you're retired than when you are accumulating.

75 Must-Know Statistics About Race, Income, and Wealth
Income and wealth disparities along racial lines have repercussions for all aspects of life in the U.S.: education, health, homeownership, retirement, and life expectancy.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
Morningstar Awards for Investing Excellence--Outstanding Portfolio Manager Nominees
Morningstar recognizes five of the industry’s best portfolio managers.

Are Small-Cap Indexers Hurting the Performance of Active Funds?
An investigation into a common complaint of active managers.

How to Profit From Two Inefficiencies in the High-Yield Bond Market
Higher-quality high-yield bonds are likely better bets for long-term investors than ETFs that track the broad high-yield market.

Cushman & Wakefield Is Poised to Grow
We expect near-term turbulence but healthy growth in the long term.

Top 10 Holdings of Our Ultimate Stock-Pickers' Index
Large-cap strategies disappoint on the back of stock market volatility at the end of 2019.

Positive Data Boosts Outlook for Lilly
The wide-moat drugmaker's growth prospects are improving.

2 REITs with Robust and Stable Dividends
Dependable revenue should allow Healthpeak and Regency Centers to continue paying dividends at current levels.

These Companies Can Box Their Way Out of a Corner
COVID-19 has taken a toll on containerboard producers, but we see opportunity.

Stock Analyst Updates
What a Proposed Infrastructure Bill Could Mean for Stocks
We are maintaining our fair value estimates for these stocks in the basic-materials sector.

Impact of a Possible Infrastructure Bill on Steelmakers
We are maintaining a bearish outlook for steel prices.

Rekenthaler Report
Private Equity in 401(k) Plans: More Smoke Than Fire
The reality is tamer than the headlines suggest.

Advisor Insights
Setting Fees That Serve Both Clients and the Advisor's Business During Market Turmoil
How best to bill advisory clients has been, and continues to be, a controversial topic--for good reason.

What Investor Biases Are Open Investors Most Prone To?
Contributor Michael Pompian shares the results of his new study of personality traits and investment biases.

The Long View
Jonathan Guyton: What the Crisis Means for Retirement Planning
A noted retirement researcher and financial planner discusses the benefits of Treasuries in retirement, putting guardrails around withdrawals, and why discretionary funds work.

The Short Answer
What to Do If Your Employer Cuts Its 401(k) Match
A match is a great employer benefit and a powerful wealth-building tool, but there are many reasons to keep contributing to your 401(k) even if this key benefit is suspended.

Big Picture
What's Behind the Rise of Direct-Sold 529 Plans?
Morningstar research shows that fee-based advisors are increasingly favoring cheaper direct-sold 529 plans.

Investors Need to Act on Institutionalized Discrimination
While shareholder resolutions are a key way for investors to hold companies accountable for action on issues of social justice, they rarely drive firms to change.

Sustainable Funds Weather Downturns Better Than Peers
ESG strategies lose less money than non-ESG funds during market declines.

Fund Flows Settle Down in May, but Some Groups Still Set Records
Taxable-bond funds see inflows, while U.S. and international-equity funds bleed assets.

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