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Sustainability Matters

Sustainability Matters: A Take-Action Moment

Activate your money for sustainability and impact.

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When it comes to systemic racism, I wrote earlier this week, change has to come from many directions. If you are fortunate enough to be an investor, do not ignore the broader social impact your investments can make. In the past you may have been told to check your social conscience at the door when it comes to investing. Just maximize returns, don't worry about what may be underneath your portfolio's hood, and enjoy the proceeds. Then, if you wish, you can reactivate your social conscience and contribute charitably to the social causes you deem worthy.

That argument was bolstered by dire warnings that your investments might "underperform" if you tried to invest with a consideration of conscience. Those warnings turned out not to be true, but they were enough to dissuade investors during a time when not all that many were interested. Today, it's harder for financial advisors to give the wave-off to the growing number of investors who want to invest for sustainability and impact.

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