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Special Report

Special Report: 529 College Savings Plans

Learn about the pros and cons of 529 plans, how to find the best college savings accounts, and how these investments performed during the market downturn.

Investors have plenty of options when it comes to saving for college. Some choices include saving in taxable accounts or Roth IRAs, UTMAs and UGMAs, and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts. 

An increasingly popular option, however, is the 529 savings plan--and for good reason. These accounts offer tax benefits, have a less significant impact on financial aid eligibility than some other options, and can offer tax deductions at the state level.

But are 529 college savings plans worth it? How do they work? How do you choose one? And have they withstood the tremendous market volatility that we've experienced this year?

This special report tackles those questions and more.

Getting Started With a 529 College Savings Plan
If setting up a college savings account is on your to-do list, here are some tips for getting going.

What Is a 529?
We take a close look at these popular college savings accounts.

How Do I Choose a 529 Plan?
A three-step solution for selecting the best college savings plan.

When It Comes to 529s, How Good Is Your State's Tax Benefit?
We examine the incentives that college savers have to stay in-state.

Why College Savers Should Stay the Course Through the Coronavirus
An uncertain future should not deter college savers from capturing 529 tax benefits today.

Rating the Top 529 College Savings Plans
These best-in-class plans offer a combination of attractive features.

What to Do With Your 529 During a Volatile Market
Self-directed investors should keep their risk tolerance in mind when choosing a 529 plan.

Morningstar’s Annual 529 College-Savings Plan Landscape
We explore how the overall universe of 529 plans is addressing these challenges and how individual plans are distinguishing themselves.

A Primer on Prepaid 529 Plans
We examine the benefits of these vehicles and how they differ from conventional 529 plans, and we take a deep dive into what each state has to offer.

For Most College Savers, Prepaid 529 Plans Don't Make the Grade
Investment in prepaid 529 plans continues to decline, and in many cases it's not hard to see why.

When to Start Saving for College
What do college savers miss when they put off investing in a 529 plan?