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Weekly Wrap: What Lies Ahead for Investors as the Virus and Bear Market Continue

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor’s note: Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

Editor's Picks
What to Expect as the Virus Continues
We discuss our latest views on stopping the spread of the coronavirus as well as the economic implications.

Almost Nobody Knew
The bear market that arrived in silence.

32 Undervalued Stocks
Here are our analysts' top ideas in each sector this quarter.

COVID-19 Fear Creates Rare Opportunity for Software Investors
Sharp sell-off leaves valuations attractive.

International-Stock Funds Recoil in 2020
International equity markets cratered as the world grappled with the adverse health and economic impacts of the novel coronavirus.

A Checklist for Volatile Markets: Retirement Saver Edition
Running through our six-step checklist can provide peace of mind with your portfolio and plan if volatility persists.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz
It's Time to Look at Tax-Loss Selling
There's no telling if stocks have bottomed, but selling losing positions can help you find a silver lining in a down market.

New Tax Filing Deadline Affects More Than Just Taxes
Tax and retirement planning expert Ed Slott looks at financial aspects to consider now that the tax filing date is later.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
How Target-Date Funds Fared Amidst the Coronavirus Sell-Off
Results met expectations and improved since the last bear market, though outcomes diverged for near-retirees.

First-Quarter Sell-Off Soon Roils Calm Fixed-Income Market
The global pandemic caused fixed-income market volatility not seen since the global financial crisis.

No Perfect Shelter From the Storm
Why low-volatility funds have had mixed results during the pandemic-driven downturn.

Analyzing the Recent Performance of the Morningstar Rating for Funds
The star rating appears to succeed in steering investors toward funds likelier to outperform their average peer and away from those more likely to lag.

How to Decide Where to Hire Active Managers
Active management is tougher in some categories than others.

Near-Retirement Target-Date Investors Show Signs of Stress
Investors within 15 years of retirement pulled more than $9 billion in March.

How Have ETFs Fared During This Bear Market?
Ben Johnson explains what happened with value and growth and discounts and premiums.

Coronavirus Update: Long-Term Economic Impact Forecast to Be Less Than 2008 Recession
Our outlook on how the U.S. will cope during and after the shutdown.

2 Consumer Defensive Brands Maintain Value Amid Uncertainty
Constellation and Hostess both look promising.

Financials Sector Flails as Coronavirus Sweeps Through
But Michael Wong offers a peek at the bright side.

The Sell-Side Hates 3M. We Don't.
We're reducing our fair value estimate on the wide-moat firm.

Coronavirus Has Limited Impact on Big Pharma and Big Biotech
Moats, valuations, and dividends look attractive in the market pullback.

Will Energy Stocks Rise From the Ashes?
Investors' current concerns are justified, but vast long-term opportunities remain in this significantly undervalued sector.

Tech Sector Now Decently Undervalued
We examine how this sector handled the market turmoil and what to expect.

The Long View
Dan Fuss: It's Too Early to Relax
A veteran bond manager compares the current economic and market crisis to previous ones and reflects on the attractiveness of various asset classes at this juncture.

Sustainability Matters
Despite the Downturn, U.S. Sustainable Funds Notch a Record Quarter for Flows
ETFs, passive funds, and iShares dominate as U.S. ESG funds gather $10.5 billion in the first quarter.

Quarter-End Markets Summary: From Record Highs to Worst Since ...
Here's a list of all the hits.

Why the Fair Value Estimate Is a Big Freaking Deal
High and low are meaningless without a reference point.

Fed Initiatives Show Signs They're Working as Intended
They've led to a $1.6 trillion increase in Federal Reserve assets over the past month to $5.8 trillion.

Financial Literacy Month
How to Save Twice Your Salary by Age 35
We walk through exactly what's required to hit this savings benchmark (hint: it's not sorcery).

First Job? How to Create (and Stick With) a Budget
We put together a sample budget for those new to the workforce and explore some tips for staying on track.

How to Assess Your Cash Flows and Create a Budget
Take these steps to ensure that spending doesn't interfere with your ability to save no matter your life stage.

Where to Turn for Emergency Cash
We consider some options and explore the pros and cons of each.

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