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Weekly Wrap: Morningstar's Take on 2019 and a To-Do List for 2020

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor's Picks
Morningstar's Take on 2019
Our analysis of the fourth quarter in stocks and funds.

Your 2020 Financial To-Do List
As the new year dawns, here's your plan to get financially fit, one job at a time.

How Can Fund Providers Protect the Future for Worker-Investors?
Stewardship is an opportunity for fund providers to connect with sustainability-minded investors, and many large asset managers are using proxy votes to press for better governance of environmental and social risks.

How to Pick a First Bond Fund
We tell first-time bond investors what they need to know about intermediate core bond funds.

401(k)s Have Reached Their Expiration Date
The plans are as good as they can be under the current framework--and that's not good enough.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz
Your 2020 Tax Fact Sheet and Calendar
Bookmark this guide to stay abreast of the tax-related dates and data that should be on your radar this year.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
Need a New Year's Rebalance? These 3 Bond Funds Can Help
Look to these Morningstar favorites if surging markets have knocked your portfolio's mix off course.

International-Stock Funds Bounce Back in 2019
International-equity markets rebounded off 2018's lows to deliver robust returns.

Vanguard's Evolution in 2019
We review the year for the firm and look at the impact of Jack Bogle's death.

A Gold-Rated Bond Fund for Aggregate Bond Market Exposure
While it is conservative relative to peers in the core-plus Morningstar Category, this fund provides great aggregate bond market exposure.

What a Shuffle of Subadvisors Means for This Vanguard Fund
Vanguard Windsor II's recent manager changes could lead to a shift in investment style.

Johnson: 2019 Was the 'Year of Zero' for ETFs
Inflows soared, so what are these zeros?

4 Traits Asset Managers Need for Success
Here's what we believe is required for these companies to thrive over the next decade.

Easier Muni Indexing Expands Investors' Choices
Improvements in technology and manager skill have made passively managed municipal index funds more desirable.

Health Insurer Review Results in Higher Valuations
Our Anthem and Humana fair value estimates get a boost.

Why We're Lovin' McDonald's
10 reasons it's our top restaurant pick.

A Favorable Forecast for the Housing Market
However, the rebound in housing activity has inflated valuations.

33 Undervalued Stocks for 2020
Here are our analysts' top ideas in each sector for the new year.

Are Renewables the Future for the Utilities Sector?
Renewable energy is going to be one of the biggest growth drivers in the utilities sector, says Morningstar's Travis Miller.

Rekenthaler Report
Mr. Market Isn't So Foolish, After All
Ben Graham's analogy is beguiling but inaccurate.

Advisor Insights
SECURE Act Targets Minimum Distribution Rules
Planners have their work cut out for them, says contributor Natalie Choate.

The Long View
John Rekenthaler: Fund Manager Financial Incentives Are Irrelevant
Morningstar's columnist reflects on his decades of analyzing and writing about the mutual fund, retirement, and financial advice industries.

The Short Answer
Should I Invest Part of My Bonus in My 401(k)?
We tackle reader questions about 401(k)s.

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