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Weekly Wrap: Portfolio Makeover Week and an Update From Our Ultimate Stock-Pickers

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor's Picks
Portfolio Makeover Week 2019
Christine Benz helps investors check their progress, assess allocations, target holes and overlap, and upgrade their holdings.

Our Ultimate Stock-Pickers' Top 10 High-Conviction and New-Money Purchases
Several funds dive into financial services and undervalued healthcare stocks.

The Bull Market Has Warped Your Global Stock Portfolio
The long bull market has made you wealthy, but it may have distorted your global stock allocation and increased your price risk.

3 Ideas for Contrarians
Those with the right constitution may find opportunity in these pockets of the market.

ESG Risk in Sustainable Funds
Eighty-four percent of diversified sustainable funds receive 4 or 5 globes in the enhanced Morningstar Sustainability Rating.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz
Retired Couple Aim to Live Their Best Life Without Fear of Running Out
A strong market has propelled the portfolio of this retired couple, but what if the next decade isn't as good?

Young 'Supersaver' Balances Near-Term Goals Against Long-Term Priorities
In a pricey housing market, early-career savers grapple with balancing retirement savings alongside their goal of owning a home.

Pre-Retirees Ask: 'Can We Retire?'
With retirement on the horizon, a couple checks up on the viability of their plan.

Making Retirement Work on a Tight Budget
With seven to 10 years to go until retirement, a pre-retiree assesses what adjustments are in order.

Multitaskers Get Serious About Retirement Funding
With three kids and a single income, it's time to create a portfolio that can address this young family's multiple goals.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
How One ESG-Focused Shop Continues to Stand Out
A look at where Parnassus Investments has focused its recent efforts.

A Look at Our Enhanced Morningstar Analyst Ratings
Alex Bryan discusses how changes to the methodology will add value to the rating.

This Quality Dividend-Growth ETF Looks to the Future
This strategy effectively targets firms that should have the capacity to raise their dividends in the future.

3 Value Standouts
What helps these funds do well in a tough recent environment?

Why Fidelity Is Our Favorite HSA in 2 Charts
Whether you're spending or investing your HSA, Fidelity rises to the top.

Most Arguments Against Index Investing Aren't Compelling
A closer look at the merits of common arguments against index investing.

The Renewable Future
Utilities winners and losers as the U.S. goes green.

Dividend Opportunities in Telecom
We don't see much in the U.S. telecom industry that's attractive, but Comcast may be a place to start.

Shares of No-Moat Kohl's Undervalued
We expect to reduce our fair value estimate by a single-digit percentage.

Canopy Has Global Potential Amid Foggy U.S. Market
The cannabis company took a hit on Q2 earnings, but consumer demand is expected to increase.

Funds Give WeWork Valuations the Ax
As the privately held coworking company struggles, funds have trimmed their views of what it, Airbnb, and other "unicorns" are worth.

What to Make of Schwab-TD Merger Talks
If a deal is announced, we anticipate multiple hurdles, including a headline risk of antitrust, but we currently believe it's surmountable.

Begun, the Streaming Wars Have
Major media companies are committing heavily to new platforms going into 2020.

A New Wide-Moat Stock to Consider
Masco used acquisitions to become a powerhouse, but now it's slimming down.

CEO Change at Franklin Resources Could Be Beneficial
We do not anticipate changes to our moat rating or our fair value estimate as a result of the change of leadership.

The Rekenthaler Report
How Have the Largest Funds Performed?
Pretty well, all things considered.

Investment Signals Would Be Great, If They Worked
Their stories are compelling, but their results are not.

Advisor Insights
What Regulation Best Interest Means for Brokers and Asset Managers
It's time to dive beyond surface-level conflicts to identify the effects of the new rule

The Long View
Charles de Vaulx: Why Value Investing Has Slumped but Will Rebound
A value-investing maven explains why bargain-hunting has lagged.

The Short Answer
How Do I Choose a 529?
A three-step solution for selecting the best college savings plan.

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