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Where Are They Now? Funds That Got Dumped in 2008

Get caught up on that fund you hated.

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I was wondering what happened to the funds that were most hated in the bear-market year of 2008. As you may recall, the sell-off was centered on the teetering financial sector as brokerages and banks were either imploding or at risk of doing so. Yet unlike in some past bear markets, the sell-off hit nearly every asset class except Treasuries. The whole Morningstar Style Box took a pounding, as did foreign equities and even bonds.

Here's a rundown of the 30 funds that had the greatest redemptions in dollar terms. Twenty were stock funds. Seven were allocation funds. Three were bond funds. Among the equity funds, seven were value, six were blend, and seven were growth. I would have guessed a heavier skew toward value given how great the pain was there.

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