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Weekly Wrap: New Ratings, RMD Tips, and Beaten-Down Stocks

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor's Picks
Introducing the Enhanced Morningstar Analyst Rating for Funds
We share the changes and provide a helpful example.

Is It Time to Sell These 5 Stocks?
These names suffered double-digit losses in October. Should you hold on?

Yes, RMDs Can Improve Your Portfolio
RMD-related tax bills hurt, but surgical pruning of problem positions can help you raise cash and reduce risk.

Excellent Closed Funds for Your Watchlist
Warning: These funds are currently closed to new investors.

What to Do With 'Found' Money
You can use mental accounting to make healthier financial decisions.

Earnings Updates
Berkshire Results In Line With Expectations
Insurance gains offset slightly weaker operating results for the wide-moat firm.

New CEO Kempczinski Well-Suited to Lead McDonald's
Easterbrook's departure is a surprise, but there is no change to our fair value estimate for the wide-moat firm, and we see shares as modestly undervalued.

Uber Beats Top- and Bottom-Line Expectations
We believe that investment in narrow-moat Uber requires patience and view the stock as attractive.

Kroger's Investor Day Leaves Us Confident in Our View
We suggest investors await a more attractive entry point before buying shares of the narrow-moat firm.

Our Take on Wireless Earnings
AT&T makes plans, Verizon adds customers, T-Mobile takes share, and Sprint brings up the rear.

Qualcomm Poised to Reap Rewards From 5G in 2020
We are raising our fair value estimate, but shares of the narrow-moat firm look expensive.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz
Retirees: Are You Spending Too Much?
The 4% guideline can put you in the right ballpark, but the best spending policies factor in time horizon, asset allocation, and market fluctuations.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
The Best 529 Plans
Taking advantage of tax benefits by investing in low-cost, smartly designed 529 plans can stretch your college savings dollars.

Should Dividend Investors Sweat Interest-Rate Risk?
Owning quality companies that regularly return cash to shareholders is a solid strategy for all rate environments.

Our Enhanced Analyst Rating Is Easier to Understand and Use
We refocused the Morningstar Analyst Rating around its most predictive elements and gave fees even more weight.

A Survey of Vanguard's Dividend Funds
Dividend-seeking investors can find excellent, low-cost funds--both active and passive--at Vanguard.

When It Comes to 529s, How Good Is Your State's Tax Benefit?
We examine the incentives that college savers have to stay in-state.

A Top-Rated ETF for Exposure to Long Bonds
As fears of rising rates abate, investors have been edging further out on the yield curve.

The Rekenthaler Report
Indexing Outside the International-Stock Mainstream
As the investment universes become smaller, the complications increase.

Mutual Funds: Where Fun Came to Die
The industry is better than ever--but also duller.

Utilities' Dividends Look Good, but Valuations Are Rich
We think the sector is overvalued, but see some good yield opportunities.

Kroger's Investor Day Leaves Us Confident in Our View
We suggest investors await a more attractive entry point before buying shares of the narrow-moat firm.

Teva Shares Undervalued Despite Opioid Case
Teva's shares have declined nearly 70% from the 52-week high with the rise of opioid litigation.

CVS Turns in Strong Third Quarter, Boosts 2019 Outlook
We view shares of the narrow-moat firm as undervalued.

How Regulatory Environments Affect Utilities
Constructive regulatory environments can foster growth.

The Long View
Dennis Lynch: 'Have a Growth Mindset and Be Willing to Learn New Things'
An accomplished growth investor, Lynch explains how his team seeks to gain an edge, susses out the difference between innovation and mission creep, and applies different frameworks to mitigate biases and errors.

Sustainability Matters
Sustainable Investing Interest Translating Into Actual Investments
We've seen record ESG fund flows so far in 2019.

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