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Weekly Wrap: Our 529 Ratings and 15 Top-Quality Stocks

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor's Picks
Rating the Top 529 College Savings Plans
We upgrade nine plans and downgrade eight, shaking up our Gold and Silver ratings.

15 Top-Quality Stocks
These names were recently added to the Morningstar Wide Moat Focus Index.

3 Good Reasons to Sell a Fund
How to make the call.

It's Open Enrollment Season. Have You Taken a Good Look at an HSA?
For high-income investors who are maxing out other tax-sheltered accounts, the high-deductible healthcare plan/HSA combo is close to a no-brainer.

Earnings Updates
Tide Has Turned on P&G's Sales Course, Shares Pricey
Wide-moat Procter & Gamble chalked up another quarter of strong sales and profit gains.

Tariffs Drive Retail Disruption at Narrow-Moat Hasbro
We view shares as overvalued, and we plan to increase our fair value estimate.

Texas Instruments Sees Stronger Trade Headwinds
We'd seek a wider margin of safety before investing in this wide-moat firm.

Tesla's Surprise Profit Blows Away Consensus
Tesla is a volatile name and fair value estimate changes may be frequent as its story changes.

Microsoft Reports Good Results and Mixed Guidance
We believe wide-moat Microsoft is firing on all cylinders and remains a relatively safe harbor.

Chipotle: More Than a Comeback Story, but Shares Rich
Our optimism is tempered by a market valuation that assumes unrealistic long-term expectations.

One-Day Shipping Weighs on Amazon
The wide-moat firm remains our top pick in online retail, with the pullback offering an entry point to invest.

Product Bugs Hinder Twitter's Q3 Growth
We recommend waiting for an additional margin of safety before investing in this very-high-uncertainty name.

Competition Hits McDonald's U.S. Comps
Our fair value estimate for the wide-moat firm remains intact, and shares are modestly undervalued.

Raising Our Fair Value Estimate for Biogen
We assign a 30% probability of approval of the wide-moat firm's Alzheimer's drug.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz
How to Allocate Assets for College Savings
Families must contend with competing challenges: steep glide paths and high inflation.

Not OK
Why the financial-services industry needs to do better for the financially vulnerable among us.

Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds
Big Tech Stakes Equal Big Risk
A closer look at some tech-heavy U.S. equity funds.

3 Great Value Funds
Our analysts discuss solid ideas for this type of exposure.

Using the Ownership Lens to Select Funds
Practical considerations for using the new statistic.

3 Bond ETFs for a Low-Yield Environment
Alex Bryan shares some favorite bond exchange-traded fund picks.

4 Medalist ETFs That Help You Reach for Yield With Less Risk
This dividend strategy mitigates risk and offers above-market yields.

3 Gold-Rated Large-Growth Funds
The strategies--all open to new investors--differ in what they’re trying to do, and investors should understand before choosing.

The Payoffs and Penalties of Investing in U.S. Active Funds
We look at recent research and results before fees.

Low-Yielding Bonds: What Are They Good For?
Alex Bryan explains how investors should approach bond products and decide whether they should have a role in portfolios.

This ETF Offers High Yield While Keeping Risk in Check
Yield is just part of the equation.

The Best HSAs for Investing in 2019
A combination of low fees, strong investment choices, and no HSA investment threshold sets one provider apart.

Content Is Still King for Video Games
We expect it to drive growth despite new consumption methods and potential regulation.

E-Commerce Isn't the End for Retail REITs
Here's why mall and shopping center REITs should still expect solid growth.

Winds Are Shifting in U.S. Power Generation Market
We expect natural gas and renewable energy, particularly solar and wind, to battle for the top spot.

3 Takeaways From eBay's Quarter
Efficiency plan and portfolio review are positives, but questions linger about the core business.

The Rekenthaler Report
Anarchy in the U.K.
Active management's dangerous infatuation with private-placement securities.

The Short Answer
How Do Interest Rates Affect Your Bonds?
Understanding duration can help you determine your bonds' interest-rate sensitivity.

What Are Municipal Bonds?
These five questions can help you figure out whether to invest in municipal bonds (and the best way to do it).

Advisor Insights
How to Help Clients Choose Between Funding Retirement and a Child’s College Education 
Dispelling college funding myths and finding a new funding strategy.

The Long View
Dana Emery: You're Not Getting a Valuation Discount for Free
The Dodge & Cox CEO and bond-fund manager on overseeing a fundholder-friendly firm and why she believes in an active approach to fixed-income investing.

What You Need to Know to Invest
Understanding risk and how it relates to three different ways to grow your money is key.

When to Start Saving for College
What do college savers miss when they put off investing in a 529 plan?

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