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Investing Specialists

Not OK

Why the financial-services industry needs to do better for the financially vulnerable among us.

A few weeks ago on a Friday morning, I was upstairs in my home office when I heard a knock on the front door. On a conference call, I muted my line and headed downstairs. My sister, who has an intellectual disability and lives with us for part of each year, had already opened the door, as she is inclined to do for friends and strangers alike.

On the front step was a nicely dressed woman, holding some folders and a Starbucks cup. I stood alongside my sister and asked the stranger why she was here. She replied that she was here to see my sister about her retirement, as they had previously discussed. I explained that it wasn’t a good time; could she leave behind some materials? She said that it was too involved, that explaining the purpose of her visit would take time. “She is retired, isn’t she?” she asked, gesturing to my sister. I frowned, shook my head, and closed the door.