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Weekly Wrap: Third-Quarter Recap, New HSA Ratings, and a Top Dividend Fund From Vanguard

We recap the week on and note the most popular stocks, funds, and exchange-traded funds.

Editor's Picks
Morningstar's Take on the Third Quarter
Our analysis of the third quarter in stocks and funds.

Our 2019 Rankings of 11 Top HSA Providers
Fidelity emerges as a clear winner in our checkup on health savings accounts.

A 4th-Quarter Calendar for Retirees
Get out those calendars: It's time for Medicare open enrollment, RMDs, mutual fund capital gains distributions, and more.

Are No-Commission Trades Good for Investors?
Ben Johnson says investors should be on their toes for other expenses as the pricing war among brokerages continues.

5 Intriguing New Sustainable Funds
With more than a dozen open-end and exchange-traded offerings launched this year, we examine the ones to consider.

Portfolio Planning and Personal Finance With Christine Benz
How to Create a Retirement Policy Statement
Use our template to document your retirement assets, strategy, and spending system.

Mutual Funds and Exchange Traded Funds
Third Quarter in U.S. Stock Funds--A Mixed Bag
Investors remained cautiously optimistic despite looming threats and rocky markets.

A Tepid Third Quarter for Non-U.S. Stock Funds
Non-U.S. stocks lagged U.S. equities again.

A New Lens for Measuring Global Diversification
You might be better-diversified than you think.

Vanguard's Best Active Large-Cap Funds
These strategies come at a very cheap price, giving the firm's large-cap equity lineup considerable appeal.

A Fine Dividend Yield Fund From Vanguard
Silver-rated Vanguard High Dividend Yield delivers an attractive yield while keeping risk in check.

ETFs Add Liquidity to the Bond Market, Not Risk
ETFs have brought a new level of transparency and order to bond markets which should benefit all fixed-income investors.

The Market's Mispricing This Miner
Cameco should benefit meaningfully from a recovery in uranium.

3 High-Yield Stocks With Stable Dividends
The dividends on these department stores' stocks are attractive--as are their prices.

Stock Market Outlook: Energy Sector Again Looks Undervalued
U.S. and Canadian stocks are fairly valued overall, with energy offering the most opportunity and utilities the least.

Bad Timing for Commission Price War for Online Brokers
We expect to decrease our fair value estimate for wide-moat Charles Schwab amid news of its pricing cut.

A Rare Bargain in the Packaged Food Aisle
Wide-moat Kellogg looks attractive for investors today.

Time to Cash In on This Overvalued Stock
The market expects too much of Sherwin-Williams.

Communication Services: Sector Continues to Outperform
We see little strategic reason for AT&T to combine wireless and media businesses.

Healthcare: Political Uncertainties Have Weighed on the Sector
We see opportunities in providers, managed care, drugs, and biotech.

TD Ameritrade Joins Pricing War
The narrow-moat firm is reducing commissions on U.S.-listed equities, ETFs, and options to $0.

2 Pricey Payroll Processors
Narrow-moat Paycom and Paylocity have taken market share from competitors, but investors should wait for a pullback.

Rekenthaler Report
Keeping What You Earn
The painful math of taxable accounts.

Advisor Insights
Litigation Against the SEC’s Regulation Best Interest? Not Surprised
Contributor Scott Simon details two recent lawsuits filed against the SEC related to regulation best interest.

The Long View
Michael Finke: Here’s What Makes Retirees Happy
A respected retirement researcher discusses what types of spending are correlated with a better retirement--and which are not.

Credit Insights
Corporate Bond Market Inured to Political Drama in Washington
The corporate bond market traded in an orderly fashion and was relatively quiet last week.

The Short Answer
Are You Using Your Target-Date Fund Wrong?
Here are some issues that can arise as well as some potential solutions.

Students, Here's How to Make the FAFSA Application as Easy as Possible
Tips from a prior first-generation student.

Why the Fair Value Estimate Is a Big Freaking Deal
High and low are meaningless without a reference point.

Third-Quarter Performance in 3 Charts
The past quarter was a rocky ride, and there were some surprising winners.

Retirement Planning
Inflation and Your Retirement
Contributor Mark Miller unpacks the impact inflation has on retirees and how to prepare for it.

An Emergency Fund for Retirement? Yes.
Judith Ward from T. Rowe Price discusses cash cushions for pre-retirees and retirees.

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