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Our 2019 Rankings of 11 Top HSA Providers

Fidelity emerges as a clear winner in our checkup on health savings accounts.

This article has been updated due to an error regarding Fifth Third for investors. The new ratings are shown below. 

Health savings accounts, or HSAs, continue to grow rapidly and have reached more than $60 billion in assets, nearly a 10-fold increase over the past decade. But choosing an HSA is challenging given the industry's young, opaque, and frequently changing nature. What's more, investors have limited resources available to help them navigate the hundreds of HSAs that exist. For these reasons, we released our first-ever evaluation of HSAs in June 2017 and published an updated evaluation in November 2018. We build upon that earlier research in this paper, which evaluates and ranks 11 of the largest HSA providers available to individuals and articulates what we consider best industry practices. Our evaluations identify which HSAs we believe represent the best choices for individuals as opposed to employers, where fees are often negotiable based on a number of factors.

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