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Stock Analyst Update

Morningstar Analyst Research: The Week in Stocks

Some firms spend their marketing dollars sensibly.

Last year, a slew of dot-coms made a big splash at the Super Bowl by bidding up the already-exorbitant advertising time slots. After spending about $2 million for 30 seconds of airtime, most didn't fare too well in the year since. Look at and . The former is out of business and the latter was trading for less than a dollar per share on Friday.

So in anticipation of this weekend's contest between the New York Giants and the Baltimore Ravens, we're spotlighting several prudently run companies that don't plan to blow their advertising budgets on the big game. Granted, all of these stocks may not be voted into the Investment Hall of Fame any time soon, but a few may make sound investments. Read on for our latest Analyst Reports.

  • Delta Airlines  (DAL): Though big rivals American and United have recently launched acquisition sprees, Delta has been stuck on the sidelines. Find out if Delta will be grounded by this problem.
  • J.C. Penney  : This retailer used to hype in its commercials that it was "do-do-doing it right." My how times change.
  • EBay  (EBAY): Have you ever bought a vacation home, a Delorean, and a vintage Spiderman comic in the span of about three minutes? Then chances are you're familiar with eBay. Now make sure you don't overbid on the stock.
  • Phillips  (PHG): Consumer electronics growth has been slow for Philips, but profits are strong. We'll tell you why.
  • Tyco International  : ADT makes homes safe with its legendary home-security and fire-prevention systems. Find out whether its parent company, Tyco, is a safe bet in the stock market.

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