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12 Battle-Tested, Low-Volatility Funds

When the going has gotten tough, these stock, bond, and allocation funds have held up better than their peers.

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Editor's Note: A version of this article appeared on Jan. 30, 2019. All data and comments have been updated to incorporate recent market activity. Read the latest on how the coronavirus is rattling the markets and what investors can do to navigate it.

When the market is seized by volatility as it has been lately, one of the first things to check is whether your portfolio's mixture of stocks, bonds, and cash is in line with how much risk you can afford to take. If your spending horizon is close at hand--you expect to retire within the next few years, for example--it's wise to keep the funds you'll need to cover near-term spending in safer assets like cash and bonds. After all, a bad year for bonds, the saying goes, is like a bad day for stocks. 

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