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Are Millennials Smarter Than Us?

With investing, the answer may be yes.

More From Less
This column, it should be acknowledged, is built on sand. Nobody really knows how the savings and investment habits of today’s young adults will differ from those of their parents. As millennials have just begun the process of saving for retirement, the evidence of their behavior, such as it is, consists of anecdotes and impressions.

That said, the early signs are encouraging. Consider, for example, the FIRE movement: Financial Independence, Retire Early. My professional colleagues doubt this financial strategy, which seeks rapid wealth accumulation through extreme thrift. The Wall Street Journal’s Jason Zweig tweeted “Honk if you think this will actually work.” More caustically yet, Morningstar’s Karen Wallace responded, “I can’t even imagine what would happen if I tried to feed my children brown bananas. I would need a bodyguard.”

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