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Advisor Insights

Why You Need Client Technology Ratings

Evaluating a client's proficiency and comfort level with technology should be a part of the onboarding process.

Technology continues to transform our profession, allowing advisors to maximize efficiency and increase their value to clients. While implementing the latest software suite or product may ultimately improve an advisory firm's overall client satisfaction or position the firm for future success, each client has his or her own unique comfort level with technology and using digital tools. That often leads to a mixed user experience, where some clients (or potential clients) may feel overwhelmed or frustrated with an advisor's technology stack. At the same time, advisors may feel pressured by their more tech-savvy clients to adopt cutting edge technology in order to remain relevant in a competitive landscape.

Knowing this, it's imperative that advisors not only understand each individual client's comfort level with technology, but also focus on educating both clients and staff on how to use the tools they've implemented--and to ensure they've chosen the right solutions for their clients in the first place.