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Special Report

Our 10 Most Popular Articles

See what other investors have been reading on

If you haven't been checking Morningstar's editorial features on a regular basis, you might have missed out on some great new articles. Here are some of the columns that have attracted the most interest from our readers over the past three weeks.

With the market still down in the dumps, our readers have had a keen interest in avoiding big mistakes in their stock and mutual fund investments. Our piece on "Morningstar's 10 Worst Value Destroyers" attracted a lot of interest, as did our column on the dregs of the mutual fund world, "10 Long-Term Losers." Morningstar's coverage on the investment impact of a war with Iraq also captured a lot of attention from our audience. (To see our complete coverage on War and Your Portfolio, click here.) But pessimism hasn't always been the order of the day. Our readers are still interested in finding great stock and fund ideas. Articles like "The 10 Best-Performing Funds of the Past Decade" and "Marsico Unveils Latest Picks" have also been popular enough to make it into the top 10.