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Special Report

Investing by Life Stages: A Guide for Your Financial Future

Articles, videos, and worksheets for readers of the "Investing by Life Stages" supplement.

Whether you're an early career accumulator, a retiree, or somewhere in between, we hope you've culled some useful information from the guide that we created with Tribune Content Agency.

On this page, you'll find supplementary articles, videos, and worksheets for each life stage; we had more content available than could fit in the printed guide! We've  included some articles that span life stages, too. You'll also find the link to a full webcast featuring Morningstar director of personal finance Christine Benz tackling investing life stage by life stage.

Video: Tips for Investing at Every Life Stage

Article: Essential Financial Documents for Every Life Stage

Webcast: Investing Well at Every Life Stage

Early Accumulators

Article: How to Create an Investment Policy Statement

Worksheet: Investment Policy Statement Template

Article: Is Your Risk Tolerance At War With Your Risk Capacity?

Mid-Career Accumulators

Article: Ways to Pay For College If Your 529 Isn't Enough

Article: Morningstar's Guide to College Savings

Article: Taking a Loan to Pay for Kids' College? Read This First


Article: Retirement Planning When There's an Age Gap

Article: A Social Security and Medicare Checklist for Near-Retirees


Video: Why You Need a Retirement Policy Statement

Article: How to Create a Retirement Policy Statement

Worksheet: Retirement Policy Statement Template

Article: Get a Tax-Smart Plan for In-Retirement Withdrawals

Article: How to Create a Master Directory

Worksheet: Master Directory Template