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Watch Jeremy Grantham's 'Race of Our Lives' Speech

At the 2018 Morningstar Conference this month, Grantham gave an insightful presentation about climate change.

This video is part one of five from GMO's Jeremy Grantham's address at the 2018 Morningstar Investment Conference. You can also watch parts two, three, four, and five.

Jeremy Grantham: In the interest of full disclosure, I should say that I am all in on the topic of climate and toxic damage to the environment; 98% of my net worth is either in two foundations or is committed to it. Fortunately, I come from a vastly overpaid industry, ours, and so that still leaves me enough to have two houses and a Tesla Model 3, if they would just deliver it to me. I'm going to give you first a broad overview of this topic, which I'll read to save time, because if I ad lib all this we'll be here all day. Then I'll give you lots of backup data with slides.