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Special Report

A Tax and IRA Guide for Procrastinators

Time's running out. Here is what you need to know.

April represents different things to different people. For some, it's the start of baseball season. For others, allergies. For many, April is time to make those last-minute IRA contributions and time to file taxes.

Tax day is on Tuesday, April 17 this year, meaning there's precious little time left to make an IRA contribution for the 2017 tax year and submit those returns. We've pulled together a collection of recent content on tax and IRA matters to help make things a little easier.

Where Investors Can Go Wrong With IRAs
IRA expert Ed Slott says there are a few common mistakes to watch for as contribution season winds down.

Roth or Traditional: Keep the Decision Personal
When choosing an IRA, consider concrete personal factors such as your asset level and your stage of career rather than difficult to predict tax-law changes, says Michael Kitces.

10 Myths About IRA Contributions
As the April 17 deadline draws near, we clear up some key points of confusion for would-be contributors. 

Benz's Top Tips for Contributing to an IRA
Christine Benz gets into the nitty gritty of IRA contributions and explains our resources and tools to help improve your IRA portfolio.

Kinnel's Favorite IRA Picks
Russ Kinnel shares some core and noncore actively managed stock fund ideas for IRA contributions.

Our Best Fixed-Income Ideas for IRAs
Director of fixed-income manager research Sarah Bush offers some core and noncore bond fund ideas.

Ben Johnson's Favorite ETFs for IRAs
Ben Johnson offers some traditional and strategic beta funds for contributing to an IRA.

Our Favorite Stock Picks for IRA Contributions
Morningstar's Dan Rohr says Compass Minerals, P&G, and Dominion Resources are good picks.

Morningstar's Guide to IRAs
We coach investors on everything from choosing an IRA to investment-selection to managing IRAs as part of a retirement portfolio plan.

What You Can Learn from Your 2017 Tax Return
Despite the new tax laws, your recently completed tax documents yield valuable intelligence about your financial and investment life.

Don't Overlook the Valuable Intelligence in Your Tax Forms
As you review your W-2 and 1099s, here are some key data points to pay attention to.

What's the Difference Between Marginal and Effective Tax Rates?
How to figure out your rates, and which one matters more.