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Helping Investors Beyond the Markets

Our Investor Success Project aims to provide practical, data-driven information to help investors succeed financially, above and beyond the markets.

It's a good time to be an investor. There is an ever-increasing array of low-cost investing options, high-quality data, and a range of vehicles investors can use to pursue their strategies: from plain-vanilla indexes, to targeted sustainable funds, to strategic beta investments. The result is a proliferation of choice accompanied by a steady decrease in costs. And in the U.S., investors are also experiencing the second-longest bull market in history.

However, there is still significant work to be done: both in terms of participation among non-investors, and in terms of challenges current investors can face in reaching their goals. Morningstar is bringing together its existing work on investor success and adding a series of new research papers to ask a straightforward, but important question: What can we do to help investors succeed, beyond the markets? 

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