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Advisor Insights

Delivering Your Advice Digitally

Here's how you can easily extend a digital-first approach to client meetings, whether in person or virtually.

With the continuously increasing number of financial technology tools available on the market, advisors are now using more technology within their businesses than ever before. From day-to-day operations to rebalancing portfolios or creating financial plans, we're tethered to our computers and software platforms to get just about any job done. Yet one aspect of providing financial services seems to lag others when it comes to this digital-first approach: actually delivering advice to clients. Though we may generate portfolio analyses, performance reports, or financial plans with the help of various software platforms, it’s still fairly common for advisors to deliver these reports in a paper format.

This makes sense, given many tools that we use to create client-facing reports historically and still do generate reports in a PDF format, ready for printing in the 8.5"x11" standard we're all used to. Moreover, for in-person client meetings, we often feel as though we need printed reports and plans to review with clients, to make annotations or notes during said meetings, and/or to provide clients with something tangible that they can take home after a meeting.