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A Gold-Rated Pair for Risk-Averse Investors

FMI Large Cap and FMI Common Stock span the U.S. market-cap spectrum with concentrated bets.

Alec Lucas: Gold-rated FMI Large Cap and Gold-rated FMI Common Stock are an effective pair for risk-averse investors. FMI's stable 10-person management team runs both funds with the same collaborative, high-conviction approach. 

FMI Common Stock focuses on companies with market caps below $5 billion, and FMI Large Cap on companies with market caps above $5 billion. Together, they provide exposure that spans the U.S. market-cap spectrum. Rather than holding a wide swath of U.S. stocks, each fund concentrates its bets. FMI Large Cap typically invests in 20 to 30 stocks, and FMI Common Stock in 40 to 50, because smaller companies tend to be more volatile. The stocks held in each are carefully chosen. Management looks for companies with durable business models and strong leadership that generate superior profitability through a full economic cycle. 

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