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Market Update

Is Lower for Longer Over?

With bond yields rising, some wonder if the era of ultralow rates is coming to an end--and what that means for stocks.

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With the stock market continuing to gyrate wildly, it's easy to forget that, until now, equities had generally moved in a straight line higher. Since the market hit its trough, the S&P 500 has climbed more than 280% as of this writing. In January alone, it was up more than 5%. One big reason why stocks have done so well up until this point is that bond rates have been at historically low levels. The 10-year U.S.Treasury yield hit its lowest point ever, 1.36%, not even two years ago. It's hard for investors to make any money at those interest-rate levels, so, naturally, they turned to stocks.

Now, though, the idea that we're still in a "lower for longer" rate environment is being questioned by many financial professionals. With the 10-year Treasury yield rising by about 18.75% year-to-date--it was at 2.85% at the time of writing--ultralow rates are now a thing of the past. But where do rates go from here? Do they get to levels where investors move money from stocks to bonds?

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