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Review What You Can Control Amid Market Pullback

As inflation concerns rock stock and bond markets, it's a good time to check your asset allocation and ensure you have enough cash on hand.

Jeremy Glaser: The robust wage growth in today's jobs report has sparked inflation and rate fears. This has sent stocks sharply lower and yields on the 10-year Treasury to the highest level in four years. This pullback might not come as a complete surprise, given the robust equity rally we've had through 2017 and into 2018, but it's still uncomfortable to see so much red in your portfolio.

So, what should investors do about it? We think there's five things to keep in mind. First is to check up on your asset allocation, the mix between stocks and bonds. Given that equity rally, chances are you're holding more stock than you may want to and more than fits into your risk capacity. This is something that's definitely worth taking a step back and looking at.