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The Best Advisor Technology Tools for 2018

Consider adding the following technology tools to your practice to maximize efficiency.

As 2017 comes to close, advisors are reflecting on the past 12 months and preparing for a new year. Those looking to improve their practices are undoubtedly reviewing their current technology stack, eager to determine which tools to add, keep, or replace. Though there are an increasing number of exciting new services within the financial technology space, the most innovative and impactful tools arguably come from outside our industry. The following solutions offer a unique balance between value and great design and are worth exploring to maximize efficiency in 2018.

Cybersecurity: LastPass
Perhaps the best way to immediately improve your firm's security, LastPass is a password management platform with both individual and enterprise licensing options. Sharing secure, complex passwords among employees is a breeze, and the included browser extensions make it easy to log into the countless web services we now use without interrupting your workflow. You or your IT manager can create a centralized database of shared user credentials and add/remove users, while each user gets his or her own secure vault for private passwords. LastPass will also automatically generate lengthy, secure passwords for you, as well as analyze your current passwords to determine which may be too weak. Two-factor authentication can be enabled for all users, and all passwords are stored using AES-256 bit encryption. For only $2 - $4 per user per month, LastPass is a great value considering the level of security it can bring to your business.