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Advisor Profile: Design With Reach

Ilana Polyak

In a world consumed by Big Data, it’s tempting to throw as many numbers at clients as possible. But data isn’t a stand-in for insights, advisor Ross Gott says, and a barrage of it can be overwhelming to clients. Gott, founder of ZeroCelsius Wealth Studio in New London, N.H., fights against data overload. Using a design sensibility, he gives his clients streamlined presentations full of visual flourishes that tease out the essentials for each client. Where other advisors’ websites show menus of services, performance charts, and market commentaries, Gott keeps his simple. He distills his offerings to three essentials: discover, know, and grow. Clients must first discover who they are, they need to know what they want to achieve, and finally they require a plan to make that possible with their money. “A lot of advisors don’t understand that what matters are touch points, not data points,” Gott says.

A career at an ad agency (where he was in the accounting department) taught Gott the power of good design. “If you don’t have a good design, it’s hard to create touch points,” he says. “Otherwise, you’re left with thick financial plans. Those are a wealth counselor’s tools, but they’re not client deliverables.”