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A Year-End Portfolio Review in 6 Easy Steps

Check up on your portfolio's health--and that of your whole plan--as the year winds down.

As 2019 winds down, investors can look back on an excellent year. While investors fretted about an impending recession in late 2018, those worries abated in 2019 and U.S. stocks posted a tremendous rally. Growth stocks were the standouts, but non-U.S. equities also performed exceptionally well. And while bonds are often the casualties when investors are optimistic about the economy's strength, in 2019 they were just right; while yields remained meager, Federal rate cuts and the expectation that the Fed will stand pat going forward buoyed bond prices. 

If you're a disciplined investor, you can use an annual portfolio review as a way to check up on your portfolio--and potentially make some changes--within the context of your well-thought-out plan. After all, even if you haven't actively made changes to your portfolio mix, the contents of your portfolio may have shifted.