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Most Would Be Well Served by This 529 Plan

If your state doesn't offer a college savings plan tax benefit, Gold-rated Invest529 from Virginia is a good choice with low fees and a sensible mix of strategies.

Janet Yang: When it comes to 529 plans, about half of Americans would be better off looking beyond their state's borders for a college savings plan. That could be because their state doesn't offer a state tax benefit or the state's tax benefit can carry over to any state's plan. For any of these investors, we think one of the best is the Gold-rated Invest529 plan.

This plan is managed and offered by the state of Virginia, and it's available directly to residents across the U.S. Most investors in 529 plans use age-based portfolios that automatically move from stocks to bonds over time. We like how Virginia puts together its age-based portfolio using a sensible mix of active and passive strategies.