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Have You Been Hit by These Inflation 'Trouble Spots'?

Overall inflation levels may be moderate, but readers say the rising costs of services, dining out, housing, and healthcare have strained their budgets.

Coming into 2017, expectations were high that inflation would rise. It was a good bet given the prospect of increased infrastructure spending and a low unemployment rate. But inflation hasn't exactly materialized--at least, not according to overall Consumer Price Index numbers. Current levels are lower than expected; in fact, the Labor Department reported that the CPI declined 0.1% in May from April. Many economists and market participants have ratcheted down their inflation outlooks. 

But as we know all too well, many times individuals and households experience inflation in different ways than what is reflected in government statistics. We asked readers where they have been feeling inflation the most in their household spending, and where inflation seems to be relatively benign. Encouragingly, many noted that rising costs haven't weighed too heavily on their wallets recently.