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Lester: Looking to Europe for Yield

Still in the early innings of a recovery, European stocks are attractive from a valuation and growth perspective, plus the market's dividend payers are more diversified and generous than in the U.S., says J.P. Morgan's Anne Lester.


Jeff Holt: Hi, I 'm Jeff Holt, analyst with Morningstar manager research. Today, I'm joined by Anne Lester, global head of retirement solutions and portfolio manager for J.P. Morgan Asset Management. Today, we are here to discuss JPMorgan Income Builder (JNBCX), one of the strategies that she comanages.

Anne, based on its holdings, JPMorgan Income Builder falls in the conservative-allocation category. But as its name alludes to, it has a very distinct objective. Can you describe that objective, and how you strive to meet that objective?

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