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Retirement 'Bucket' Portfolios for T. Rowe Price Investors

The topnotch steward fields serviceable--or better--funds in all major asset classes.

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T. Rowe Price has been one of Morningstar's favorite fund shops for decades. Though a public company, the firm has managed to serve both of its constituencies well: its fund shareholders as well as owners of  T. Rowe (TROW) equity. To do so, the firm has generally kept expenses reasonable, fielded a utilitarian lineup light on trendy, ripped-from-the-headlines funds, and held on to managers for much of their careers. Management changes have picked up recently, as discussed here, and some of them have been unexpected; shareholders in some funds have gotten socked with tax bills. Typically, however, this is a sober, responsible shop that uses patient, disciplined strategies to help shareholders reach their goals. 

Given all those positives, it's probably no surprise that I've received emails from loyal T. Rowe Price investors, saying they'd like to see "bucket" model retirement portfolios along the lines of the ones I've recently provided for Fidelity and Vanguard. As with those other two shops, I'll provide two sets of model T. Rowe Price portfolios: one series geared toward investors in tax-deferred accounts, such as IRAs, and another, tax-conscious series geared toward T. Rowe Price investors in taxable accounts. 

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