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Morningstar's Favorite Developed-Markets Stock Funds and ETFs

Whether you prefer an active or an index approach, our analysts say these are the best of breed.

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Note: This article is part of Morningstar's May 2015 International Investing Week special report.

If investing in U.S. stocks requires a dose of courage, investing in stocks from abroad requires an extra dose. After all, U.S. investors who own domestic-stock mutual funds and exchange-traded funds often are familiar with at least some of their funds' holdings, especially if the fund invests primarily in U.S. large-cap stocks. Plus, those stocks trade in the investors' native currency. With foreign stocks and the funds that invest in them, it's often a different story. Not only are U.S. investors faced with owning companies they may know little to nothing about, they may face the additional risk of currency movements adding or subtracting from a fund's performance.

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