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Making Money Last in Retirement

Panel discussion: Christine Benz, advisor Mark Balasa, and Morningstar columnist Mark Miller discuss how withdrawal rates, asset allocation, Social Security decisions, and long-term-care insurance factor into portfolio sustainability.

The following is a replay from the 2015 Morningstar Individual Investor Conference.

Adam Zoll: Welcome back. I'm Adam Zoll, and you are watching Morningstar's Individual Investor Conference. It's now time for our second session of the day, "Making Money Last in Retirement." We are going to look at this topic from a few different angles. We are going to first focus on the issue of how long your money needs to last in retirement--the issue of so-called longevity risk. Then we will talk about the investing piece of the puzzle, especially asset-allocation decisions. And then finally, we will talk about the spending part of the equation and look at withdrawal rates and how you can best assure that your money will last throughout your retirement.