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Preserve Purchasing Power With This ETF

This fund provides low-cost exposure to Treasury Inflation-Protected Securities, which can protect investors from long-term unexpected inflation.

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Unexpected inflation can be corrosive to a fixed-income portfolio. While bond investors have had to contend with punishingly low interest rates, they have gotten a reprieve on the inflation front. In large part because of falling energy prices, inflation was only 1.3% over the trailing 12 months through November 2014. Because energy is a key input into nearly every aspect of the U.S. economy, it has a big impact on the total cost of production from everything from food and clothing to housing and transportation. Over the trailing 20 years through November 2014, the correlation between WTI Crude and the Consumer Price Index was 0.93.

The strength of the U.S. dollar has also been a major contributor to low inflation. Because the eurozone and Japan have weakened their currencies to spur growth in their local markets, the U.S. dollar has strengthened against these currencies. This allows U.S. consumers cheaper access to imported goods from these markets. This is especially important as wage growth remains relatively low in the United States.

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