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This Dependable Foreign Fund May Close to New Investors Soon

Inflows have picked up lately along with performance at tried-and-true Artisan International, but we think it remains a good pick for the long haul.


Greg Carlson: Morningstar's Medalist of the Week is Artisan International (ARTIX). This fund lands in Morningstar's foreign large-growth category. However, it's more diversified by company type than that name might imply. True, it does own a fair number of rapid-growing companies that can command a high valuation as well as a number of more stable-growth companies. But it will also venture into some value plays. In fact, the fund has occasionally landed in Morningstar's foreign large-blend category.

The team will own a mix of companies, as I said. I think that's typified by the top two holdings. You've got Baidu--a very hot play--an Internet-search firm in China, basically the Google of China. And then the second holding is a much more steady company--that's Bayer, the German drugmaker.

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