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Retirement Health-Care Costs: The Swing Factors

Your current health, geography, and gender all play a role--plus why longevity may cost you.

Note: This article is part of Morningstar’s October 2014 5 Keys to Retirement Investing special report. This article originally appeared Aug. 8, 2014.

For many of us who are still working, the thought of retirement conjures up images of dream vacations, golf, and perhaps more time spent with family or pursuing long-neglected hobbies. As evidence, look no further than the many TV and print ads aimed at retirement savers released by financial firms that show robust gray-haired 60-somethings frolicking on a beach, self-satisfied looks on their faces. This retirement ideal may represent what many of us hope to find in our golden years, but the reality is likely to be rather different. In fact, these ads often fail to mention one of the most significant of all retirement expenses--health care.