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A Value Fund for Up and Down Markets

This large-cap portfolio has a demonstrated ability to outperform its peers during bull and bear markets.


Jeff Holt: This week's medalist is Becker Value Equity, a U.S. large-cap value-equity strategy that is managed by a small boutique firm located in Portland, Oregon, called Becker Capital Management. This fund is backed by an experienced investment team, and it follows an orderly process.

The team consists of five portfolio managers and four analysts, and over half the team has more than 15 years at the firm. Initially, the portfolio managers will take a 2% position in the companies that they buy resulting in a relatively flat portfolio of 55 to 65 stocks. This approach has historically done particularly well in down markets, like in 2008 and the first quarter of 2009, but it has also demonstrated the ability to outperform when markets are rising like in 2013.

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