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Fund Manager Q&A

Emerging Markets: Great Potential for the Patient

The growth story is intact for emerging markets, but it won't unfold overnight, says Seafarer Capital Partners CIO Andrew Foster.


As part of Morningstar's Emerging-Markets Week, we interviewed Andrew Foster, CIO of Seafarer Capital Partners and manager of Seafarer Overseas Growth & Income (SFGIX), about the issues and opportunities facing emerging-markets investors today. Foster, a former manager at Matthews Asia Funds, is featured as an undiscovered manager in the December/January 2014 issue of MorningstarAdvisor magazine. Below is an edited transcript of our conversation. Click here to view the full interview.

Morningstar: In your November letter to shareholders, you wrote, "As frustrating as this year has been, I do not think it matters much to the long-term investor with an objective perspective." We've heard the story about emerging-markets' potential for many years, especially coming out of the financial crisis. But this year, developed markets not just beating emerging markets by a little bit, but by quite a lot. So, what kind of perspective can you give investors to keep us on track?

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