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Knowing Where to Look

After several years of mixed returns, investors are rethinking how they get exposure to emerging markets.

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Note: This article is part of Morningstar's December 2013 Emerging-Markets Week special report. It originally appeared in the December/January 2014 issue of MorningstarAdvisor magazine. To subscribe, please call 1-800-384-4000.

The approach into Wilson airport in Nairobi, Kenya, seemed normal enough to Laura Geritz, the lead manager of the Wasatch Frontier Emerging Small Countries (WAFMX), at least until the wind picked up. Geritz, who was seated behind two co-pilots on the tiny 11-seater plane, watched as it was pulled to the right by a strong cross wind just as one of its three tires blew. The plane would have completely veered off the runway if it wasn't for the quick thinking of the lead pilot, who jerked it back on to the pavement.

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