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Gilead Sciences Carving Out a Wider Moat

StockInvestor editor Matt Coffina and senior biotech analyst Karen Andersen discuss Gilead's growing competitive advantages.

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I recently sat down with senior biotechnology analyst Karen Andersen to discuss  Gilead Sciences (GILD). A few weeks ago, we raised our fair value estimate for Gilead to $71 per share, based on positive clinical trial results and a lower cost of equity assumption. While Gilead has only a narrow moat, the moat trend is positive. If all goes well with its drug pipeline, Gilead could cross the threshold into wide-moat territory soon.

Matt Coffina, editor of Morningstar StockInvestor: Gilead’s historical strength has been in HIV drugs. How has the company's portfolio of HIV drugs evolved, and where are we now in terms of growth potential and patent protection?

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