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Fund Spy: Morningstar Medalist Edition

Using Morningstar Analyst Ratings to Find Buy Candidates

Analyst Ratings + Premium Fund Screener = good ideas.

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The Morningstar Analyst Ratings are in's  Premium Fund Screener tool and can help speed your research process along. Select a category and choose Morningstar Analyst Rating > Neutral, and you'll see all the medalists in that category.

If it's a big category, that might still leave you with a fair number of funds. Here are some ways to narrow the search further. For moderate allocation, you might want to add a no-load screen. Go to Fees & Expenses and select No-Load Funds = Yes. You want one that's open to new investors, so select Closed to New Investment = No. You don't want extraneous share classes, so choose Distinct Portfolio Only = Yes. Now you are down to 14 funds. You don't want institutional funds, so go to Minimum Purchase and select Institutional Funds = No. Now we have 12 funds. That's a pretty manageable group, though of course you could add more screens such as expense ratio, manager tenure, or credit quality.

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